There are many overlay types to choose from, and the type you use depends on your needs. Here are the types of overlays most commonly used in the Dallas area:

floor microtopping

Epoxy & Polyaspartic Coatings

While epoxy and polyaspartic floors are more frequently installed at commercial properties, it’s also common for them to be installed at residences for garage floor coatings. And it’s no surprise that they’re a popular choice for these high-traffic locations—epoxy and polyaspartic floors are known for being extremely durable. They can also be customized to fit just about any desired look for clients, whether that’s with a neutral color, a vibrant color, or a custom design such as metallic epoxy coatings or marbling effects.

Epoxy versus polyaspartic: While polyaspartic coatings are typically more expensive than epoxy coatings, they do set faster, making them more desirable when a project needs to be completed quickly.

floor microtopping


A microtopping, also known as a skim coat, is used when you’re looking to resurface an existing slab and you only need a thin concrete floor coating. This is typically the case when leveling, smoothing, or repairing is necessary. By using integral colors, stains, or dyes with the microtopping, you can create a surface that appears brand-new.

polishable overlay

Polishable Overlays

A polishable overlay is a thin coating that can be placed on top of an existing concrete surface, hiding any existing imperfections. That microcoating is then colored and ground using various techniques. The result is a gorgeous floor that is low maintenance and durable. Know that polishing concrete is a time-sensitive endeavor, you’ll need to wait 24 hours after applying the overlay before polishing.

stamped concrete overlay

Stamped Overlay

When a resurfacing job requires stamping or texturing, you’ll need something thicker than a microtopping in order to imprint into the concrete coating adequately. Stamped concrete overlays are typically anywhere from 1/4 inch to 2 inches thick, and the thickness you choose depends on what type of stamp and texture are going to be completed.

While stamped concrete is most often associated with outdoor surfaces, stamped overlays are also used on interior floors to create various patterns and textures for the indoors at businesses and homes alike.

spray texture coating

Spray Texture Coating

Decorative spray toppings can be sprayed right on top of a prepped concrete slab. From there, a trowel is used to create the desired texture and effects. Spray toppings have many benefits including:

  • Slip resistant
  • Comfortable for bare feet
  • Versatility in design
  • Easy to clean

For these reasons, spray toppings are most commonly used for pool decks, but they’re also fairly common for commercial and residential patios. Many restaurants opt for spray topping for their outdoor dining areas because it’s a coating that’s very easy to clean.

waterproof membranes

Waterproof Membranes

For locations that are exposed to lots of water over time, waterproof membranes are used to prevent damage on surfaces such as balconies, rooftops, pool decks, and more. These coatings can be applied on top of a prepared concrete slab to create a waterproof surface. The waterproof coating can be topped with microtoppings or a stamp concrete overlay in order to create a beautiful, decorative surface.

vertical overlay

Vertical Overlays

Vertical overlays are formulated in such a way that contractors can apply them to the wall or other vertical surface and sagging doesn’t occur. They are then able to applying stamping techniques, texture the surface, or color the surface to create works of art that are just as beautiful as decorative concrete floors.

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